Social Work Pathways

In Wolverhampton there is a commitment to the development of its staff and recognition that Social Workers have a responsibility to maintain their CPD.

A social work pathway has been developed that maps the areas for development from a Newly Qualified Social Worker through to Senior Consultant Social Worker.

The pathway forms part of the Workforce Development Strategy and will make a positive contribution to the recruitment and retention of its staff.

It helps the Local Authority to demonstrate Local Government objectives in ensuring that social workers are appropriately skilled, trained and qualified, and to promote the uptake of training at all levels.

The Line Manager’s role is central to enabling the practitioner to develop their career using the pathway and identifying learning and develop opportunities specific to their job role and to demonstrate development against the PCF

 It is the responsibility of the Line Manager to ensure that the practitioner fully understands their role and duties and undertakes them to the required standard. In supervision and appraisal the Line Manager will begin to explore with the practitioner their individual learning needs and identify their relation to the PCF.

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