3 Conversations

Since May 2018 adult social care in Wolverhampton has been working differently.

3 conversations is a way of working that places people at the centre of everything we do. It has an emphasis of listening to people and helping them to live the best life they can. This takes into consideration their physical and emotional wellbeing.

At the heart of this is having a meaningful conversation, rather than filling in lengthy forms and automatically thinking that formal services are the answer. People needing support also get to speak to someone who can help much more Quickly than in our old world, and the first person they talk to try’s hard to continue to work with them so that the person doesn’t have to keep repeating their story.

In this way of working things tend to happen for people much more quickly because bureaucratic processes and systems have started to be removed or reduced. Teams are thinking more about what matters to the person and what will be most useful, such as linking them to their communities or exploring options such as technology and reablement.

There are three different types of conversation:

Conversation One

Focuses on listening to what really matters so that the person is connected to people and / or resources in the community to help them get on with their life independently.

Conversation Two

Takes places when someone needs some short term, intensive support to help them regain control of their life, making sure the person is connected to resources and community support that will be useful.

Conversation Three

Recognises that some people need ongoing support from adult social care and focuses on what this support should look like to enable someone to live a “good life”, building on the approaches taken in conversation one and two.

This means we will:

Listen hard and have meaningful conversations

to find out what really matters

Recognise people's skills and strengths

by thinking about what's strong, not just what's wrong

Focus on making things work better for people
Link people to what's going on in their community

and encourage the development of local community groups

Develop approaches that promote independence

and prevent, delay and reduce need as much as possible

When people need ongoing support, consider what a 'good life' looks like for that person

and make sure they have as much choice and control as possible

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